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Are you looking for efficient and prompt maintenance services in Delhi, NCR?

VA SOLUTIONS, a registered and ISO 9001: 2014 certified company is your one-stop solution for WATERPROOFING, PEST CONTROL AND SANITIZATION solutions.

With our extensive experience in the public sector, we have recently extended our services to the commercial, retail and residential sectors. Being a quality conscious and sustainable company we use very effective and safe chemicals, that are also odorless. Our experienced and trained professionals guarantee 100% work satisfaction for each client. Our dedicated team loves to take on challenges that present itself with every new site only to tackle each obstacle promptly and efficiently. We use updated techniques to meet the client’s specific requirements. Avail our services in Delhi, NCR for quality and trustworthy solutions at your doorstep at a reasonable price.

Why us?

VA SOLUTIONS offers efficient, discreet and emergency services in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Faridabad, Ghaziabad for COMMERCIAL, RETAIL AND RESIDENTIAL properties. We treat all issues at the earliest as pests and germs can transmit diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, while water leaks can cause damage to your property and increase the maintenance bills.

In these sever times of the pandemic we are all fighting a battle against the virus together, which has increased the need to keep our environments more sterile. Hence our efforts to reach out to as many sectors as possible. Experienced service providers, we deal with a wide range of common pests control devices and disinfects.


  • Our customer service phone line is open from 9am – 7.00pm for rapid response,

  • Efficient and fast treatments with certified and high-quality products, produced by reputable India based suppliers.

  • Special prices and discount for every additional service you book with our company

All the technicians at VA SOLUTIONS participate in extensive training and testing in the fields of sanitization, safety, pest control techniques, materials and much more. All our efforts are aimed at getting rid of problems while preventing any potential damage in the most sustainable and responsible way possible. Our conscious techniques differentiate us from similar service providers in Delhi.


VA Solutions a cross functional service and maintenance agency. In the past few years it has been our mission to provide case specific consultation and service to clients across all sectors. The company has an expertise in all aspects of waterproofing, specialized coating, pest control and sanitization services both in the public and private sector. The company truly understands water, pest and disinfection management. We are constantly upgrading our team with prevalent technologies and the latest products. Some of which include herbal pesticides, integrated pest management, automated sanitizer dispensers among others besides the conventional chemical pest control techniques. The strength of our company lies in its extensive experience working in the government sector for the past several years. Our main vision is to contain your leakage, germ and pest problems and make your space sterile and impervious. In these sensitive times we take it up as our responsibility to be ecological and try to promote environment-friendly products. It has been our constant endeavor to provide the best and most suitable solutions to our clients, which has earned us the trust of a large number of reputed clients across all industries. We work with a team of skilled and experienced professionals. We believe in using only the best quality products keeping safety of our clients at the forefront. We also have an attentive after service policy to attend to any of your other queries or additional requirements.



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